Introduction to the HomeLab

Hello blog readers! I wanted to kick things off with a simple introduction to the homelab. I’m Wes Dobry. I’ve been working with technology for the better part of two decades in all shapes and sizes. I started life migrating from Windows NT to Windows 2k and continued up to architecture of highly scalable enterprise systems.

Hello and welcome to the HomeLab

These days, I spend my time at IGEL working with enterprises in how to efficiently support their end users with a modern linux edge operating system. So, you will see a major focus in this blog on deployment of IGEL endpoints and how to do this at scale. Additionally, I’ll dabble in some of the unsupported arena with doing some really advanced and out-there implementations.

Outside of work, I keep a rather large homelab where I play with all kinds of enterprise technology to keep my skills sharp. Predominately, I’ve been spending time building my own private cloud on technologies like VMWare vSphere, Citrix, Kubernetes, Unifi, Synology, HAProxy, and pfSense. I like to tell my customers that I likely have more technologies deployed at my house than most have in their organization. I say that tongue-in-cheek, but for a lot of them it probably is the case.

You may also see some content on here regarding my wine collection, my cars, photography, and more. So, while this will be predominately technology focused, I’ll try to keep things categorized to stay on topic.

If you ever have any feedback, comments, questions, or grievances, I can be easily reached via the social links at the bottom of this page, or via the contact page.

Lastly, some required statements: Anything expressed here is my own viewpoints and do not represent any of the companies, products, or technologies mentioned. Do not take anything stated here as statements of support or services offered.